Motherhood : The Project

How it started :

At Heart & Soul Creative we are parents - and several of our team members are mothers.

As mothers ourselves, we know that you can take yourself out of the picture and while you're teaching your beautiful babies to love themselves, we know that it's easy to forget taking the time for celebrating you and the wonderful connection you have with your children.

Unfortunately these days, with so many demands on our time and attention it's harder than ever to take the time to celebrate yourself.

Why  "Motherhood : The Project"

We started Motherhood: The Project to celebrate the incredible bond between  a mother and her child and to celebrate the incredible women who are mothers.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for mothers in several different stages of motherhood for this photography project. Specifically pregnancy, newborn, infant, toddler, school aged children, teen and adults.

We will ask you and your family a few questions, then combine the beautiful statements from you  and your family and the images to create a stunning Mother's Day digital exhibit to be shared with all of your loved ones.

As a thank you for your participation in our Motherhood project, we would love to gift you a gorgeous 8"x10" print of your favourite image from your session.

Our aim: 

We aim to capture the beautiful diversity and strength of motherhood in a beautiful natural setting and record the beautiful stage of your motherhood that you are in right now - a stage that is fleeting and precious in its own special way.

We want you to realise the true beauty and strength that you possess as a mother.

Imagine the treasure!